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SQL Server File System Tools

SQL Server File System Tools is a SQL Server CLR dll containing several useful stored procedures for getting files into and out of SQL Server databases.
This includes:
  • Insert file into the database
    • with encryption
    • with compression(zip)
    • or both!
  • Select file from database output to disk
    • decompressed and unencrypted to file system UNC or hard path
    • compressed to UNC or hard path with .zip extention (fully compatiable with windows explorer)
  • Select file from database output to recordset
    • decompressed and unencrypted to binary record
    • compressed to binary record (fully compatiable with windows explorer)

I am using a slimmed down version of #ziplib and will be modifiying it even ferther to meet my needs.
i'm also planning using a faster algorithim if you don't need to save to file system in a zip compatiable format.

since this requires UNSAFE it also requries you to ALTER DATABASE SQLFileStore SET trustworthy ON.

The binary download has the dll plus the sql script to create the objects and load the DLL. Currently, it takes loading it in UNSAFE mode but I will be fixing up the code so it will only require EXTERNAL_ACCESS in a later release.

Stored Procedure Calls

About the Documentation

Documentation generated using GhostDoc and Doxygen.

About the licsense:

Since #ziplib is using a modified version of the GPL v2 I'm licensing under the LGPL which should be compatiable.

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